Sunday, 16 December 2012


Newgate transports it’s electric sliding gates all over the country using specialist vehicles fitted with Hiab cranes.  These vehicles are extremely versatile, but extremely expensive.   The answer – Build your own!
The builder of the one and only Newgate lorry wishes to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons.  However, he does confirm that the vehicle is motorised and
the crane also works.  The “load”, namely the Type 1 Sliding Gate, also moves.

 Future Project – A New Factory!..................  I don’t think so, the first project was interesting, but beyond this it would be classed as being an “anorak”.  Hmmm!  Just think about it though – motorised Lego Traffic Barriers, Blockers, Turnstiles? – Maybe not. 

For “real” barriers and gates contact Newgate on 01636 700 172 – For anything else – use your imagination.

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  1. I can remember in 1996 winning a Lego set from Newgate for being a runner up in the design a new barrier competition. I've still got the Letter from Newgate at home :)